"Assisi is a place in which one can easily feel the impact of centuries, of history and passion and the ongoing magic of spirits deeply engaged in making sense of human struggle. Each time I have taught at Art Workshop International I have experienced the power of the shared commitment to shape story and risk the seemingly impossible, to speak soul to soul."
Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina

“Art Workshop International is a sublime merge of vacation and creativity—a fine way to focus and let go.”
Frank McCourt, Pulitzer Prize Recipient Angela’s Ashes

“A world of fertile creativity, creature comforts, freedom from competitiveness, and nuturing instruction.”
Edmund White, author of A Boy’s Own Story

“The place is beautiful, the students ambitious, the directors incredibly considerate of the staff. All in all, a most satisfying experience.”
Vivian Gornick, American critic, journalist, essayist, and memoirist

Now celebrating our 43rd year, Art Workshop International is a cherished summertime institution for travelers who wish to combine a relaxing vacation with stimulating cultural appreciation. Situated in the historic hill town of Assisi, Italy, its medieval streets and sweeping views have long charmed and inspired artists, poets, and painters.

Art Workshop offers a range of courses in visual arts, creative writing, art history, and Italian language. Previous year's teachers have included such great writers as Frank McCourt, Edmund White, Tony Kushner, Grace Paley, Michael Cunningham, Dorothy Allison, Marilyn French, Maxine Hong Kingston. Vivian Gornick, and Philip Lopate.

Students come from all over the world with a passion for expanding their cultural horizons. Whether you stay for two, three, or four weeks, you'll be transformed by the people you meet, the teachers you choose and the country that constantly surprises you with its history, culture, cuisine and fellowship.

Art Workshop International welcomes the support of various arts and writing organizations.

Drawing America provides in person and online art classes for a community of over 12,400 members who love to draw and paint. Courses include figure drawing, storyboarding, gouache painting, illustration, landscape, watercolor, portrait, and costume drawing. Drawing America also creates in person and online custom classes for organizations, corporations, and private groups. For more info visit

A. Gallo Colors. Inspired by the studies of manuscript painting techniques and a passion for the history of pigments A. Gallo’s watercolors are crafted according to a traditional recipe of raw pigments, gum arabic, local honey and rosemary essential oil and mulled by hand on a glass slab. Honey is added to help the paints retain water and increase their longevity. Their watercolors, brushes, and accessories are available in their shop in Assisi, art stores in the United States and Europe, and online through their website. In Assisi they also offer 2 hour paint-making workshops and demonstrations which we can coordinate with. For more information visit

The Ferro–Grumley Awards were first awarded in 1990 with the purpose to honor, irrespective of gender, culture-driving fiction from LGBT points of view. They are made possible by the estates of novelists and lovers Robert Ferro (The Family of Max Desir) and Michael Grumley (Life Studies) and are funded and administered by the Ferro–Grumley Foundation, headed by Stephen Greco.  To learn more, click here.

The Art Students League of New York has been instrumental in shaping America's legacy in the fine arts. Founded in 1875 by and for artists, the League is dedicated to sustaining the great tradition of training artists. Currently, the League offers more than 130 courses taught by a faculty of approximately 80 artists at its flagship Manhattan location and the Vytlacil campus in Rockland County. Throughout the year, students also participate in lectures, seminars and workshops presented by noted figures in the art world. To learn more about The Art Students League of New York, click here

Church of San Francesco, Assisi

Art Workshop founders Bea Kreloff and Edith Isaac-Rose

The Piazza del Comune in Assisi